For that final touch of drama, the RV Astley Saiph Textured Glass Chandelier has the ability to take over a room and turn it into something incredibly opulent! This key piece features a truly incredible design, with layers and layers of textured glass inserts, supplemented with brushed gold detailing that makes for something extraordinary.

With space for an impressive 42 bulbs, this is a wonderful piece for larger areas that require a lot of illumination. The textured glass helps to reflect the light that bit further, while the large, heavy design proves its quality and durability.


Product Code: 50292

Fitting Height: 78cm

Fitting Diameter: 80cm

Cable Length: 140cm

Maximum Drop: 218cm

Minimum Drop: 98cm

Net Weight: 62.8kg

Colour: Painted gold

Material: Textured glass

Bulb: G9 x 42

Maximum Wattage: 40W

Safety Notice: This item weighs over 25kg and requires two people to lift and install. Ensure the fittings used are able to hang at least double the net weight (62.8kg) and that the ceiling is also suitable for holding double the weight of this chandelier.