Sit down and sink in to this utterly irresistible RV Astley Aieta Grey Chenille Raised Arm Dining Chair. The epitome of comfort and luxury, this small grey chair uses elegant neutral colours to make for a very versatile piece, that will look just as stylish in the corner of your bedroom as it will as part of your three-piece suite in your front room.

The chair reaches 89cm tall and measures 66cm wide by 61cm deep, making it just the right size for you to feel snuggly and supported while giving you just enough room to stretch out. This chic chair is ideal for occasional and regular use, making it a very useful piece of furniture to have in your home.


Product Code: 23945

Height: 89cm

Width: 66cm

Depth: 61c,m

Net Weight: 11.5kg

Colour: Grey

Material: Chenille