There are no limits to luxury with this exquisite RV Astley Ealga Antique Brass Chandelier. The golden glint of the interior of each shade strikes a startling contrast against the pure white surrounds and looks especially shiny next to the brass metal fixings. When extravagance is required, this is the perfect lighting choice.

Sized for a more modest room, this chandelier light falls 95.5cm from the ceiling, making it tall enough to command attention without issues. The brass has been given an antique finish that is reminiscent of ballrooms and grand events so that your room always has that feeling of being extra special.


Product Code: 50193

Fitting Height: 95.5cm

Fitting Width: 90cm

Fitting Depth: 90cm

Total Drop: 95,5cm

Minimum Drop: 55.5cm

Net Weight: 6kg

Colour: Antique brass

Material: Metal

Bulb: E14

Maximum Wattage: 40W