The RV Astley Mavis Round Tinted Glass and Nickel Coffee Table is both a treat and a trick for the eyes, with undeniable beauty that will upgrade your living room and a transparent glass tabletop that might leave you a little nervous when you place your cup of coffee on it! There is no need to worry, however, since the thick glass top is more than strong enough to support your drinks, biscuits, books and anything else that you might choose to put on it.

With a diameter of 80cm and a shiny nickel frame, this elegant glass coffee table is both stylish and sophisticated, with a neutral vibe that means it can effortlessly blend with any room in your house.

Product Code: 2270

Height: 45.5cm

Width: 80cm

Depth: 80cm

Net Weight: 15.1kg

Colour: Nickel

Material: Glass